A charity adventure holiday with a difference - Helping disadvantaged Aussie Kids

2021 Queensland Dinosaur MotorTrail

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Making a Difference in the Outback.

Memorable and Rewarding are just a few words that come to mind from the last Just4kids Children's Charity Motor Trail Dinosaur Adventure. Starting from Charters Towers, we headed to Prairie camping down at the local racetrack. Buy the way. Be prepared for the theme nights, so always pack your Melbourne Cup outfits. The Jackaroos and Jillaroos will be impressed with the locals in attendance and supporting a fundraiser for their school, and I must say it is the 1st time I have been to a function where Horse Sperm was on offer. It brought the highest funds for the night. Being an entrant is a lot of fun. Easy peasy as meals are part of the package.

So, the next day, the Prairie Hotel breakfast was a feast before a quick run-down to Oondooroo sheep station some 200 kilometres down the track. We mix with a new mob of locals that joined us for another fundraiser in the shearing shed to support a young lad with medical issues. We were delighted to be part of a group that organized a special three-wheeler bike to support his independence, and you don't get that sort of involvement at the local CWA.

After a top dinner (Succulent Lamb and Vegies) from our mobile master chefs kitchen, under the stars was just an amazing, clear sky with lightning thunderstorms far off into the distance.

With precision timing for a sumptuous hearty breakfast with charm and all vehicles checked over, we headed to Muttaburra across the blacktop. Wow, what an impressive drive, far better than the highway with any obstacles called out by the lead vehicle on the UHF and, of course, tail-end Charlie cursing at the tail end of our settling dust and then the local Muttaburra swimming club provided an impressive spread for lunch.

At the same time, the local key swimmers did their very best against the Visitors, and Yup, It was visitors verse the locals. What fun we all had.

Wow, what an organized event. J4K-MT has a good mix of drive days and lay days. Longreach was an excellent mix of excursion trips, River Cruise, Hall of fame, QANTAS Museum, to name a few, also a perfect opportunity to do some washing. Heading south into Dinosaur country, we were delayed at a few watering holes before we came across a massive Cod constructed out of corrugated Iron, just amazing before setting up camp around the Pool.

Heading to see our 90-million-year-old Dinosaur fossils was our objective today and being part of the first visitors to be guided through the awe-inspiring new Eromanga Natural History Museum was a treat.

Next, The Old Isisford Hotel had just changed ownership, so it was a busy social night for us all, mixed in with another auction and well supported by the town's locals.

The public bar was rebranded with framed Jerseys from the North Qld Cowboys and V8 Super Cars Sponsors, who had provided us with the items. Our first dine-in dinner and a break for our three hard-working Chefs was a nice change for all.

The J4K team organized another excursion as part of our tag-a-long adventure package, just so easy to have pre-booked tours along the way. Our night consisted of a local function supporting the PCYC.

After a long day on the bitumen, we looked forward to the dirt running into Winton for many reasons. We always enjoy getting off the sealed roads, and this circuit ran through three massive cattle stations averaging one million acres each.

The fence line runs are always demanding, with every gate designed by an over-enthusiastic engineer putting a good challenge for the new bees’ adventures to conquer. Into this mix, there are significant water holes, dry creek beds, and old signposts that are always a talking point by all.

When we finally came across our Mobile Master Chefs with a fresh cold salad lunch, it was an energy changer ready for the last 100k running along station tracks and old Cob and Co routes. We could all imagine the old stagecoaches and pioneers doing their runs through this district.

After a very restful night, we headed to the Dinosaur Stampede display at Larque Quarry, then off to Winton for the sunset to tour Boulder Mountain with Champers. Our last day being a lay day gave us plenty of time to see the local attractions and visit the new Bushman's Hall of fame?

Yes, we were served a treat by a local guide with a charter bus and a light dinner. Before the dinner and presentations, we were fortunate that our special guest could attend and collect his New Fancy Three-wheeler pushbike.

The J4K Team and Entrants spent several hours assembling this pushbike before the presentation until they finally reverted to reading the instruction manual (who needs instructions? It is only a pushbike, right?).

The presentation was held at the Famous Historic Gregory Hotel, where Banjo Paterson wrote Waltzing Matilda.

So, if you have ever thought about taking time off with the family to Explore Australia, you can't go past A Just4Kids Children's Charity Tag-a-Long Adventure.

So, join us on the Next 2022 Just4Kids Tag-a-Long Kimberley Adventure

A fully catered event with organized circuit + tours

New start date - 27th April to 20th May 2022

Book now space is limited

www.just4kidmotortrail.com.au for further information, click on the Q R Code.

Mobile – 0427 991 900 [email protected]

Author: Britt West, a family entrant in the last 2021 Just4kids Dinosaur Motor-trail Adventure.



Finally, Mudskippers learn to swim!   

We all love mud, between our tyres and our toes, and they say a couple of billion years ago we all came from the 1st creatures of life, Mudskippers.

Our last Just4Kids Tag-a-Long Dinosaur Adventure Trek proved the theory with many imprints stored in stone alongside the dinosaurs from the old Australian inland sea. 

The Muttaburra Mudskippers Swimming Club Mums provided a top lunch. In return, we were thrilled to donate funds raised from the A24/7 auction items to assist them in partaking in swimming lessons for their last school term.  

Most "locals" just popped into town for the Just4kids / Mutta Burra Mudskippers Challenge, driving over 100 kilometres in each direction, no trouble and when handed the A24/7 discount coupons, they were keen to put the coupons towards the cost of air compressors or tyre repair kits.


Just4Kids Children's Charity's Dinosaur Trail – Charters Towers to Winton

Success in so many ways, Just4Kids Children's Charity was blessed with a window of opportunity to run their latest 2021 Dinosaur Trail Trek despite COVID issues within the State of Queensland. 

There is nothing like accessing an old western outback Qld racetrack to pull up camp, together with pre-organized community links such as organized auction nights at our numerous overnight locations.

Three schools out west - Prairie, Isisford & Eromanga were well rewarded from the funds raised from the many products donated by A24/7. 

A big thank you for your support. 



Consider a Holiday with a Difference

Have you ever considered a self-drive tag a long holiday with a difference? 

A247 couldn't attend this one but were delighted to support the Just4kids Children's Charity Group. We heard they were supporting youth with swimming difficulties in the Outback during their last Western Queensland Dinosaur Tag-a-Long Adventure run. 

Drowning is one of the worst things that can happen on remote properties in the Outback because water holes are not fenced off. It was brought home to J4Kids whilst visiting Raymore Station, where they were saying they never take their children to the water holes, they don't even let them know where they are as it is such a worry.  

A24/7 donated numerous products to help boost the fundraising auctions. The outcome of auctions was very successful, enabling the J4K Charity team to raise a ($4000) four-thousand-dollar donation to keep the local Mudskippers skipping at Muttaburra, where many station property owners take their children for swimming lessons.

With the additional funds raised and hearing about the Children's Charity Support Program at Eromanga, the local Police Sergeant Tim helped to initiate a further three thousand dollars, which was easily raised, with the help of the J4K's sponsored A24/7 products. 

The locals went crazy bidding against each other to gain unavailable products and were also delighted with the A24/7 discount cards as many in the Outback now shop online.

Your support of this great Children's Charity, which is run solely on a voluntary basis, is one you should consider to Tag-a-Long with and perhaps register for their next upcoming Kimberley Adventure.