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Just 4 Kids Motortrail "Cape York Safari" 2013

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Cape York Safari : 8-23 July 2013

The Just4Kids Motor Trail is heading to the top of OZ in July 2013. To give you an idea of our itinerary and to capture the buzz for a great 15 day trip that you REALLY must come on, this is where we are heading.

Meet and Greet at the Cardwell Coast Guard with our hosts Nev and Kathy Goggi. Accommodation has been arranged at the Beachcomber Motel Tourist Park, overlooking the ocean - your last glimpse until you reach the Daintree and Chilli Beach before the Tip, a spectacular 1500 klm drive.

Day 1. Cardwell to Cairns sees us depart from the Cassowary Coast at Cardwell, our host town starting point following our 1st get together at the Cardwell Coastguard Meet and Greet the night before. We will saunter through the banana and cane fields and visit a school or two on the way to Mission beach and head north for our first overnight stop, Cairns. Your tour on Day 1 is to historic Paronella Park - a must for everyone and included in your entry payment.

Day 2. Cairns to Endeavour Falls. After our sponsors TJM flag us off from Cairns we head to Endeavour Falls via the beautiful Daintree rainforest. We will have lunch at the iconic Lions Den hotel. This circuit is one of Australia's best coastal Rainforest drives over many steep ranges and creeks. Our overnight stop is at the magnificent Endeavour Falls Tourist Park. This will be a memorable experience for all.

Day 3. Endeavour Falls to Lakefield National Park. Our day starts with a personalised Guurrbi Tour especially arranged for you, also included in your entry payment. Willie will guide you through his country and you will come away with a much better understanding of our connection to this wonderful land. This remote excursion has been voted as one of the top 10 must do,s in Qld by RACQ. After this wonderful experience you will arrive at Kalpowar Camp area in Lakefield National
Park where, once you set up camp, you can just relax by the river, or throw a line in, as your camp site will overlook the Normamby River and you will enjoy a sing song around the open fire.

Day 4. Lakefield National Park to Coen. After a mid morning start allowing you time to catch up on your photography skills we will head to Coen where Barry and Ann Louise at the Exchange Hotel have organised a night function of food, fun and games to be shared with the local community. We will raise funds to assist their PCYC with auctions and much much more so bring along some extra funds and get involved in a great fundraising night.

Day 5. Coen to Chilli Beach. From Coen we head north and those of you who thrive on a good 4WD track will absolutely love this day, with a choice two circuits some of you will cross the Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers depending on conditions and traverse through this this amazing country, crossing Batavia Downs Station, onto the Iron Bark Range Road and into Chilli Beach through some of the Cape's best coastal Rainforest where we will overnight and be entertained and fed by the local community. For those of you who would prefer to travel with our chuck wagons on a more direct route and simply enjoy the scenery this is your choice.Chilli Beach and the Iron Range area was the support location for the Australian and American allied air base from where the Japanese Pacific invasion was launched. There are many indicators in the area of this huge operation and for those of you who are historians, the Claudie Airstrip is still in operation today.

Day 6. Chilli Beach to Weipa. From Chilli Beach, another fantastic 4WD circuit is on offer ( optional circuit is to remain on the Lockhart River access road ) for those who enjoy the challenge of crossing rivers, this circuit requires all vehicles to be well fitted with off road gear as we will travel the Frenchman's Track once again crossing the Pascoe and Wenlock Rivers, but further upstream this time where you will rejoin the Development Road before heading into Weipa

Day 7. Weipa to Bramwell Station. After a great night of bare foot bowls and a superb feast at the local bowls Club you will enjoy a leisurely drive after breakfast to Bramwell Station where you can enjoy station life and sit back and relax before dinner.Bramwell is one of Cape Yorks largest cattle stations with quality camping grounds, an excellent base to start your OTL adventure (Old Telegraph Line) the next morning.For those who do not want to travel this off road section you will travel north along the CapeDevelopment road to our over night destination the Jardine River.

Day 8. Bramwell Station to Jardine River via the OTL. This is what it is all about. Travelling along the Old Overland Telegraph Line (OTL), following the same route as the early explorers and linesmen across creeks and along sandy, weaving tracks. If you love 4WDriving you will enjoy the OTL. We will travel from its southern end commencing at Bramwell fuel Junction and follow the line around Gunshot crossing, a must even if you only look at it. We will lunch along the way, stopping at one of the beautiful creeks that abound in this area. We will overnight beside the famous Jardine River. Once you have set up camp you will then enjoy a meal served up by our chuck wagon, relaxing by the River. As with any 4WD route, we offer the alternative of driving the OTL through to the over night Jardine Riverstop. Those not doing the OTL can have a sleep in and cruise up to Twin Elliot and Fruit Bat Falls. Spend as long as you like there, as the kids won't want to leave and then make you way to the Jardine .

Day 9. Jardine River to Seisia. An exciting day, or should we say a TOP day, as that's where we are heading. After crossing the Jardine River by ferry, the 90 second ride sees us head to Bamaga and the Tip ( cost included in your entry ). The waters that rush around the very tip are quite amazing. After you have taken a dozen photos of yourselves at the tip of Oz we will have lunch at Punsand Bay, where you can spend more time on your lay day. You can then visit the Croc Museum before heading into Seisia and settling down at the Seisia Resort and Tourist Park for a fabulous night.

Day 10 Seisia to Thursday Island to Seisia. This is a rest day of sorts. Proportion of your entry payment is for our special excursions, including the charter ferry trip to Thursday Island. You really do need to experience the region.Thursday Island is a beautiful Island with history going back over 200 years. You will visit the early gun placements going back to the sailing days. Don't go past the Pearling Museum where you will be tempted to buy a locally grown pearl from the 200 year old Pearl Nursery. Ladies, these will make your mouth water, and guys, your credit card will take a beating. There is a 1½ hr bus tour available which will take you to all the sites and will be the best way to view this amazing Island. Bus tour is an optional extra and payable by the individual entrant.

Day 11. Seisia lay day. Nothing to do today unless you want to. We recommend you take our pre planned route instruction and visit Loyalty Beach, Punsand Bay and drive the top end beach loop, this has to be the most beautiful place on the Cape. Palm trees, white sand and blue water. You can have the day to relax or re explore the area around the Tip. There are historic plane wreck sites as well in this region and we can help you locate them, like Cable Beach where the submarine cable from the OTL is exposed and enters the northern waters. This cable was Australia's main link to the rest of the world during the 2nd world war and later replaced by technology and communication links going out from Darwin. You can visit Somerset Beach and the historic ruins and do a 4x4 beach run. Cape York Helicopters are also available for charters, and is excellent value for those who want an unbelievable ride around the top or fresh water ways. Optional extra and paid for by the individual entrants. Prices available.

Day 12. Seisia to Bramwell Station. After exploring and relaxing for a few days at the Top end we head back down the main Development road crossing the famous Jardine River again on our way to Bramwell Station, the largest Cattle Station on Cape York. Bramwell is well set up with a bar, good camping grounds and top hospitality. There are a few options on this day. You can lunch at Fruit Bat Falls which is just off the Development Road and is a lovely waterfall spot for a cool swim. Highly recommended. Or you can wait until you get to the beach at Captain Billy Landing (CBL), or you can go straight onto Bramwell Station. Those of you who did the OTL will enjoy this day to visit the Falls. We follow the Development Road today so it's up to you entirely as to what you feel like doing.

Day 13. Bramwell Station to Musgrave Roadhouse. We head off down the Cape York Development Road to Musgrave Roadhouse. We will have lunch at the Archer River Roadhouse where we refuel before travelling through Coen (and quarantine) and then overnighting at Musgrave.

Day 14. Musgrave to Cooktown. After a camp fire night and tales from the bush some of which are quite bizarre and a good sing a long we will once again head down the Development Road into Cooktown. We are spending 2 nights at the Big4 Cooktown Caravan Park where, the first evening, we will dine in the Camp Kitchen before joining the locals at The Top Pub for a bit of fundraising for the kids of Cooktown.

Day 15 Cooktown Lay Day. Following breakfast with the chuck wagon at the Big4 Camp Kitchen, with invited guests, you will have time to visit the museum, Captain Cook's Lookout or explore the Endeavour River by barge, photographing, crabbing or fishing (all optional extras and payable by the individual entrant) before we enjoy our final night dinner function and presentation at Cooktown Bowls Club.

Day 16. It's all over... but a very rewarding day because you will have achieved so much. Doing the Cape is an extensive trip as you will have driven over many road conditions, set up camp in some out of the way places, and no doubt challenged your personal self as well. It will also be time to share experiences with your fellow entrants and contemplated the experience of A HOLIDAY with a DIFFERENCE

It will be your home day. You can go straight down the bitumen to Cairns and run the Bruce Highway to Brisbane, or you can go via the Tablelands to Charters Towers and travel the inner coast road to Emerald, Toowoomba and into Brisbane. There are many options for the southerners to return to the Big Smoke. Alternatively, you can book your vehicles onto a transporter and fly home from Cairns.

Please note that The Just4Kids Management team and the Motor Trail Director reserve the right to change and/or alter the dates and route of the 2013 event without notification. Schedule could change due to unforseen situations being weather or local community bereavements.